What Financing Options do you have available?

Our Main Products are

  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Term Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Factoring
  • Collateralized Loans
  • Equipment Financing
How does a business line of credit work?

The business line of credit is very simple and easy to use! You are approved for a maximum draw amount (for example, up to $200,000.00), and you are given access to your very own online portal. You can login to this portal at any time and draw additional capital. Do you need $10,000 for an opportunity that presented itself today? Did someone slow-pay you and now you need cash to cover payroll? These are all major benefits of having a business line of credit in your back pocket ready to draw!

How do your term loans work?

Your term loan has a fixed payment structure and term schedule. Because it is pre-arranged and transparent on the contract, all your upcoming payment terms are fixed and predictable. Our term loans can range from around a year term, up to three years with just the simple business bank statements, application, and a business tax return.

How does your speed and turn-around time work?

Our turnaround time can be as fast as 4 hours from apply to funding, or if you are not in a rush it can be completed within 24 hours. A high majority of our time is awaiting your approval and greenlight to move forward on the deal and complete the funding.

How do your collateral loans work with real estate?

We will present to you an offer in which the loan will be collateralized with the piece of real estate as collateral. This generally will allow us to offer you a significantly improved and more competitive approval amount.

Are you experienced?

Yes! We are highly experienced in our field, and we consider ourselves simply the best. When you work with us, you’ll see that we able to explain the pros and cons of each product, AND be able to present you with an offer that you will love.

Are all your offers loans?

We offer loans, merchant cash advances, and business lines of credit. On all three of the products, you can speak with your accountant about how to write off the expenses for all three!

Will this affect my credit score?

The high majority of the time soft checks are ran on our clients credit. If you specifically would like to request no hard check(s), please tell us know over the phone, and/or just send us an email specifically requesting no hard credit checks and we’ll ensure the credit pull(s) are soft only!

What if I already have an offer?

If you already have an offer, that is great! We are fast because we can extend to you our offer within 6 hours if you’re comparing offers to see which is more advantageous for your business. We almost always offer you the most competitive offer for your business, that’s why we have so many happy clients!

How do I move forward?

Just give us a call or send us a message through the Contact Us section of our website!